Looking for THE BEST Education Available? I got it, and it was/is FREE!!! And has been Free!! FUCK Public Schools USE THE INTERNET AND HERE'S HOW

Trivium Quadrivium Cosmology

Those are the only words you need to know.

You want to delve deeper . . .

If you want to be as educated as possible, which is far more than most realize is possible, you need to first forget what you think is education----the ideas presented to you by Public Schools and Main $stream Bullfuckingshit.

You need to adapt the mentality that, you don't know what it is, and whatever it is, learn it.

Some of it is considered bullshit by the M$M and Public Schools, yet it is taught in the Wealthiest Most Elite Schools!

If you learn Music you learn everything.

Math is a lot simpler than anything that's been taught in Public Schools.

Sacred Geometry is core fundamental material. This is how it works, and you don't have to understand how, it just works. You Learn the "sacred" shapes and how they interact and what they form, and your brain will identify with them. They are "sacred" because they exist eternally. The shapes, the geometry is found in all things. And, this is part of QUADRIVIUM.. if something has a shape, it has corresponding numbers, light codes/colors, and sounds.

This teaching is fundamental to all sciences HIGH REAL SCIENCE not the dead end crap taught in M$M Public Schools.

With that foundation, one will advance into

EGREGORES, GOETIA, LANGUAGE CREATION--SIGILS TALISMAN-- so one can personally code the universe. SEE WHY this stuff is hidden and told to be fake?? It empowers the individual

Light codes/colors combined with the ElectroMAGNETIC Spectrum gives one access to magnetic fields

this is where CHAKRAS, KUNDALINI, PINEAL GLAND come into play.

Plenty of ppl are going to be triggered by these words and that is their problem. s I've stated, these things have been left out and made ridicule by a corrupt system.

Learning these things will take the chaos of reality and reveal its order, allowing you to make educated decisions on all levels high and low.
Stay out of the tire business. Leave, and you're signin' up for more time